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January 26, 2005
Pernand-Vergelesses, Burgundy - France

Full Moon over Pernand

I’m driving – very cautiously – home from Beaune after picking the girls up from school. The roads are slushy, and I really have to concentrate on what I’m doing. Unfortunately, the girls are tired and they’re whinging and whining up a storm in the backseat.

I inch down the hill after Pernand-Vergelesses in second gear. Even though dusk is falling, there are still workers pruning and burning the cut vines in the vineyards. Plumes of smoke drift up into a dark blue sky.

My route through Pernand-Vergelesses

The temperature is dropping fast, and the water in the puddles is tightening into ice. We come up the other side of the dip, and a huge yellow moon pops out from behind the vineyards. The girls see it. The kicking in the back of my seat stops abruptly and they fall silent, watching the moon as it follows us all the way home.

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2005, Story by Laura Bradbury  & Photos by Franck Germain - All Rights Reserved.

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