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French Favorites

Here is a selection of our favorite books, films, etc. about France.

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by Susan Herrmann Loomis

The food in the French Farmhouse Cookbook is a reminder of how deeply the soul of French cooking is rooted in the fruits of the land and sea.

For three years, Susan Herrmann Loomis traveled the coasts and visited rural farms in all corners of France. She discovered more than treasured recipes for the quintessentially French dishes that appear in this book. She also met people passionate about the foodstuffs they raise, gather, catch, or produce. Their stories make this book a living tapestry of individuals and the food they cook.

Many dishes, while utterly French, fit well into today's preferences for sensible good eating. Each recipe gives us a short story to where the recipe originated, its location in France, and the family that makes it. In true French style, recommended wines are included with the recipes.

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