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French Favorites

Here is a selection of our favorite books, films, etc. about France.

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by Yann Tiersen

The Amelie soundtrack, created by musician Yann Tiersen, has been a favorite of ours since we purchased the CD a few months ago.

It’s music – heavily tinged with accordion and piano, has a gypsy soul. It stands apart from the movie, and is breezy, fresh, and contemporary while at the same time evoking the timeless charm of Montmartre. 




by Carla Bruni

Franck and I fell in love with this CD, which we’d never heard mentioned in North America (granted, we are not on the forefront of the music scene these days…).

It’s by Carla Bruni, an ex-model and, as coincidence would have it, an ex-lover of Mick Jagger. Yes, I too was initially turned off by the “ex-model” thing, but then I listened to the album, and was amazed. It’s a little jewel of simplicity. Louis Bertignac accompanies her simple melodies on the acoustic guitar. Bruni’s voice is soulful and addictive, and her phrasing is truly unique.

We play this CD at least once a day at our house. Trust us, it’s truly worth a listen…As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this Franck just put it on.

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