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French Favorites

Here is a selection of our favorite books, films, etc. about France.

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by Adam Gopnik

This is my latest favorite book on France.  Gopnik, a celebrated writer for the New Yorker was offered a plushy assignment as the writer of "Paris Journals" for that magazine from 1995 to 2000.

He is a superlative writer, and expounds on many of the things that make Paris its dazzling and frustrating self: neighborhood brasseries, the café lifestyle, endless administrative hoops to jump through, insane politics, and the gently worn manège in the Luxembourg Gardens.

His subtle style is totally different than that of someone like Peter Mayle, and it's a nice contrast to read both Gopnik's and Mayle's accounts of expatriate life in France.

By Peter Mayle

This book, now a classic, describes Peter Mayle's life-changing move from Britain to the South of France. It celebrates the glories of rural France with a finely attuned British sense of humour.

Mayle is at his laugh-out-loud best when describing the eccentric, quaint, colorful, or downright bizarre people and incidences that he experiences as he settles down to enjoy the good life in Provence.

This book gives a hilarious glimpse at what makes rural village life all over France, not just in the South, so endlessly charming.

By Peter Mayle

This is the sequel to Peter Mayle's blockbuster "A Year in Provence" and further depicts Mayle's adventures in Provence.

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